About Us

Hearing solutions that are customized to each patient's individual needs.

About Us

Hearing solutions that are customized to each patient's individual needs.

Hearing Health Care of Louisiana

For 50 years, Hearing Health Care of Louisiana has helped thousands of people to rediscover clearer hearing. With our extensive experience of treating hearing loss we know that our high quality, personal service is what makes us stand out from the crowd.  That is why our FREE hearing consultation is not just a standard screening that others provide. We take care of each patient as if they were part of our family. Our goal is the best hearing outcome for every individual. Our offices are continually serving the hearing needs of the Baton Rouge and New Orleans metropolitan areas, with offices in Baton Rouge, Covington, Gonzales, Gretna, Hammond, Houma, Lafayette and Metairie. We provide dedicated hearing care, advanced and affordable hearing aids and hearing healthables to these individuals.  

Our Guarantee to You

You will always be treated with respect and integrity by our staff.  As part of a nationwide Starkey network, our goal is to provide the best hearing care experience possible by following the standards that define us:

  1. Full Comprehensive Evaluation

    We listen to your goals and provide a full hearing evaluation.  

  2. Recommend the Best Hearing Aid for each patient

    We listen to what you need. Our recommendations for a treatment plan is unique to the individual and always designed to be the best hearing solution for each patient.

  3. Realistic Outcomes

    We want you to understand the journey to better hearing and what your realistic outcomes are for each step.

  4. Noticing the Improvement

    Our goal is for you to gain better hearing and to ensure this happens we will verify that the hearing instruments and accessories that go with them are working and providing the benefits that you need. This verification may be done through tools such as Real Ear Measurement, Speech Mapping or Sound Field Verification.

  5. More than One Visit

    We want you to understand that better hearing requires follow-up appointments, fine-tuning and adjustments. Our goal is to set your up with a plan that will keep you satisfied with your hearing for years to come.

  6. Commitment for a Lifetime

    We are committed to each patient  to provide the best hearing possible.  This includes free cleanings and testing for their lifetime

  7. Financing Available through Wells Fargo