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We are dedicated to improving the lives of the hearing impaired, one patient at a time. Everything we do is to help people with hearing loss enjoy the sounds, voices, people and conversations in their lives. We take great pride in helping people get back the gift of hearing—there is nothing more gratifying.

Audrey Gordon

My name is Audrey C Gordon. I have a college degree in Speech/Language. I have been wearing my hearing aids for 3 weeks. I used to have problems hearing what my pastor, friends, and husband would tell me. My husband called and made an appointment for me with Hearing Health Care of Louisiana. Steven welcomed me to the office and made me feel good about myself. I was really concerned about wearing a hearing aid, Steven showed me the small hearing aids that would match the color of my skin. I feel like a new creature hearing sounds and voices that I have not heard in a while. Thank you, Hearing Health Care and Steven.    

Audrey C. Gordon
William Sutherlin

I’m very well pleased with my hearing aids, and have not had many problems with them at all. Any problem that I may have, Kyla always fixes it real quick. The service has been great all in all and is done in a timely manner.    

William Sutherlin

I want everyone to know how much I love my hearing aids! I can hear my grandchildren again, and no longer have to say "What" or "Huh". Everyone at Hearing Health Care is always so nice. I would recommend them to anyone.

Billy Munch

Service has been just outstanding, I had no idea what sounds I was missing out on before I came to Hearing Health Care of Louisiana and got my hearing aids. I can remember when I first put my hearing aids on and I could hear the leaves rustling on the ground outside. It opened up a whole new world for me.

Bonita Clements

This is the 3rd place I came to. I am so satisfied. I have been telling everyone. I put them in in the morning and leave them in all day. I could not hear the preacher at church and now I can! I hear better at curves - everything is better - my TV is much lower. The service at Hearing Health Care of Louisiana has been wonderful- They are like family now. I couldn't ask for anything better. I love my Hearing Aids!

Catherine R

 I am very happy with my new SDS hearing aids.  Kyla and her staff are very helpful & accommodating.  The remote control is very helpful.  I hear much better than with my old in the ear aids.  I would recommend these to anyone who is hearing impaired.

Cecil H

It's been great! I realized how much I was missing without the hearing aids. Now that I do have them people notice the difference when speaking to me. The service at Hearing Health Care has exceeded expectations. The devices have actually helped my hearing a lot. Plus, I'm glad to have caught the problem early so that it's not as bad later. So anyone that thinks they may be losing their hearing should get help as soon as possible.

Donna B

I have been able to hear much better in Sunday school and church.  My children don't have to repeat what they are saying when I have my hearing aids in my ears.

Dorothy A

In 2013, I was diagnosis with ringing in the ear (Tinnitus).During this time my whole life changed for the worst.  I became depressed, frustrated, irritable ,can't sleep, lack of concentration, and communicating.  With the ringing you can only focus on that sound, and it is so difficult to concentrate on anything else. Now with the hearing aids I can now perform my daily chores, and enjoying life again.

E. G

I am very pleased with my hearing aids and excellent service I have received from Hearing Health Care. My hearing aids are so comfortable that I wear them all day long. My family is very happy now that the television is much lower, and I hear at restaurants and meetings much better.

Ernie G

I can hear! This is the first time in a while that I can hear out of my left ear, I didn't realize there was such a problem with that side. It's like living in a new world! First thing I remember hearing with hearing aids was the birds chirping! Conversations are much easier to hear now. The service at Hearing Health Care is continually available and excellent, which I haven't found elsewhere. The staff is very helpful and knowledgeable.

Joy B

Hearing loss is a slow process. You do not realize it until its gone. My 1st clue was my wife and I going back and forth with the TV control. I was always blasting everybody out.

Finally I was talked into a hearing check and the difference is amazing. Now I can hear things that I haven't heard in years!!! Birds, Etc.

Lot different at work also. My co-workers do not have to keep repeating themselves and meetings are much more pleasant and productive. The best part is my home life.

The staff here at HHC has always been courteous and professional. They help maintain my devices and let me know when it's time for  a check-up.

You don't know what you are missing until that 1st test!!!!

J. V

Kyla Saldivar and her staff at Hearing Health Care of Louisiana truly care about your hearing health. I have been a patient of hers for over six years. I have recently gotten my second set of hearing aids with Nuear. These are completely invisible to the naked eye once they are in your ear. The technology with the latest hearing aids is fantastic. I have had nothing but loving, caring, sensitive care over the past six years. The staff located my hearing loss trouble and have treated me with a professional dignity that other centers never treated me with. My outlook on life, my enthusiasm for work, and my personal life have been helped tremendously. The cost of being able to hear is based on what you want to spend. Buy inexpensive and have situations with wind and noise that are not fixed or pay a little more for perfect hearing-the choice is YOURS! You spend $15,000-$30,000 on "toys" like boats, camps, etc and you use them maybe 3-4 times a month! Spend $6,000 on something you can use 24/7- The decision is YOURS! What is your everyday confidence and self-esteem worth? Why not enjoy hearing people when they speak to you, hearing T.V. again, hearing kids and grand-kids laugh, and yes guys hearing your wife fuss at you. Why not do something for yourself and let Hearing Health Care of Louisiana help you to a better life. Life is too short. Enjoy every minute of it by hearing it! 

Kenneth B

I've tried 5 other places and none of them worked out for me, until I came to Hearing Health Care of Louisiana.  I've had my hearing aids for about six months and wear them everyday!

M. M.

I love my hearing aids. I should not have waited this long to get them. I like the great service I get, also.

Potte F

My hearing aids have helped tremendously with my high-frequency hearing loss. I remember going to the LSU's girls' basketball game and hearing the trumpets in the band for the first time in a long time. That's something I could not hear without my hearing aids. And the service has been just fantastic at Hearing Health Care.

S. R

Outstanding - My hearing aids gave me my life back! 

Robert T

I am very pleased with my hearing aids and the service from Hearing Health Care of Louisiana. They are very comfortable and so small that no one can see that I am wearing them.

Ronald A

I miss my hearing aids when they are not in. I can hear the TV, traffic, the birds outside, my family members, and the fire alarm much better. My hearing aids are very easy to insert. The service at Hearing Health Care of LA has been wonderful. They help the patient in any way they can. I can appreciate them very much.

Ruby G

My hearing aids from Hearing Health Care of LA are the best I've ever worn. I do much better in groups and at church. I can now understand my grandchildren! The service has been excellent.

Spiller M

Since getting my hearing aids, I now hear things such as the sound of the wind blowing, people talking in a group without trying to read lips and the TV not blaring.  I'm staying out of trouble since I now hear my wife and she doesn't have to yell. I also understand things better when speaking on the phone. 

Sylvester G

I have enjoyed my experience at Hearing Health Care of Louisiana.  They have waited on me every time I needed to see them.  I love the experience I have had with them and would recommend Hearing Health Care of Louisiana to anyone who has problems hearing.

Joe L

Anedda D

I've been a client at Hearing Health Care of Louisiana for several years. I recommend them often.
I love Kyla, she is fantastic at her job! Every appointment is professional & with much information that I didn’t know about. All of the staff at Hearing Health Care of Louisiana is great.

Karon T.

don’t really put things out there on Google, but I did want to share my experience with you. From the day I walked in Hearing Healthcare of Louisiana until my most recent visit I cannot brag enough to my family and friends about my experiences and the people who work there. First you are met by the receptionist who is as warm and welcoming as anyone you will ever meet. Then there is Kyla and her husband who walks you through everything step by step, never pressuring you about anything. Appointments are made when you leave, and if there is a problem, they always find a way to fit you in as a soon as a date is available. I have never been in a situation where you walk in a stranger and you leave feeling like you are a member of their family.


They are courteous, friendly and show personal interest. They adjusted my hearing aids perfectly! Great job!!! Highly recommend them!

Sandra K.

Everyone were professionals,knowledgeable, courteous. I was very pleased with the service I received and would and have recommended them to my friends.

Paul R.

I had an excellent experience. The young lady at the front desk was very personable and professional. The professional service provider was also kind, personable, honest and thorough. I really appreciated the services provided.

Mama L.

Very clean. You are greeted as soon as you walk in. Very caring and knowledgeable. Highly recommend them.

Hazel L.

Always excellent service, lots of patience, just an awesome staff
Much appreciated
Lillie Butler

Lillie B.

Very patient


Audiologist in Gonzales took me in with my sister’s scheduled appointment and was quick with service of cleaning my hearing aids and making adjustments. I was impressed.

Donald L.

Very pleased with service

Henry B.

First visit with Ben who is very patient.
He worked with me to fine tune my aids for clearer for Christmas activities!

Susan A.

Staff has made me feel comfortable every visit! They know their product!!

Donna T.

Was fast & quick


They were very attentive and the review was satisfactory, thank you very much

Lorena G.

Fantastic and caring staff that really wants to make a difference in hearing.......I felt like they really cared about my hearing needs.

Steven K.

Can’t ask for more/better service than that today! Appointment was for noon, went into appointment on time and left after my NewEars were back to full prescription. Staff was very friendly and professional.

Victor L.

Went here for ear impressions for IEM's. Rance took me in early, and the whole process took about 15 minutes ! GREAT JOB !

Pat G.
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