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Hearing Aids | Baton Rouge, LA

Baton Rouge Hearing Aids & Hearing Evaluations

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Hearing Health Care of Louisiana has been helping people improve the quality of their lives in Baton Rouge, LA. Our reputation is based on us finding the BEST hearing aids for you.. Our patients are receive comprehensive hearing testing so we are able to provide you with the best hearing solution. If a hearing aid is needed, we will discuss your options to find a hearing instrument that works with your lifestyle.

Services At This Location

Hearing Aids

From custom hearing aids to on the ear hearing instruments our Baton Rouge, LA location has you covered.   Our technology levels range from the most basic of hearing aids to wireless instruments that connect effortlessly to your phone, tv and other devices.  Our goal is the best hearing for you with the technology you need.

Free Caption Call Phones

Free Caption Call phones are available in our office.  Please let us know if you are interested in one of these phones for individuals with hearing loss.

Hearing Screening & Testing

If you suspect that you have a hearing loss (or a loved one), an appointment with one of our hearing professionals should be made for the purposes of testing and evaluation. Testing is painless, comfortable and safe. We do ask that you bring a spouse, loved one or friend to the appointment for a portion of the evaluation.

Tinnitus Treatment

Do you have a whistling, buzzing or ringing in the ears?  Our offices have tinnitus devices that are designed to relieve these sounds.